VS|Monkey - Leader

Veteran Soldiers founder and leader. Orchestra Man: mod/server maker, great  player and helpful man with  lot of ideas. Kind in real life, dangerous in battles.Self-sacrifice to VS. Father of Vietnam Mod.


VS|Crom - Warorga - Inactive

Mine here, mine there, mines everywhere! Great player and person. One of clan warorgas.


VS|Hypnos - Warorga

Spanish matador. Fierce like a bull in arena. Classy medic and good fragger.


VS|Razi- Warorga

VS member from Portugal. VS graphic specialist. Dangerous opponent. Excellent engineer and objective player. Never insult, never whine. Administrator of VS web and forum. Veteran Soldiers Warorga.


VS|Lukjuz - Warorga - Inactive

Trick Jump specialist. Impossible with knife, lethal with sten. Complete player. Additionaly helpful with technical things.


VS|Farrusco - Warorga

Younger brother of Razi. VS warorga. Great teamplayer and supporter for engineers. Dangerous objective player. With Razi they are hard to hold back! Well known for his fast finger reaction. Called SpeedFarru.


VS|Enchev - Warorga - Inactive

Bulgarian player. Last VS warorga. Medic support and good aim. Too bad that he's inactive for a long long time.



The Polish defender, great in any class, he is a formidable fighter a loyal companion and our profile writer.


VS|TheBorg - Ex Member


Technical supporter of VS clan and the right hand of Monkey by mod/server making. Rigorous but fair for all players. He is a little strange but though everyone loves him.  He likes to sneak and rape from back. Guy with ass of steel. Came from Delta Quadrant.



Clan loverboy , Boys, girls... doesn't matter, he likes everyone! Specialist of  human relations. Great defender and objective whore. Tuga for live!



Guy with small dog. Great engineer playing for objectives. Deadly riflenader. Founder and headmaker of VS forum.


VS|Falcon - Inactive

Great map cleaner. Unfortunately he's rarely online. What a shame!



Great human with a great heart! Helpful in real life and in battlefields. One of german VS players.



Strong guy. Very hard to kill. Splendid medic. He spends his free time on sharpening his knife to silently kill the enemy. Came from Portugal.



Unbelievably but he's also Tuga (invasion?). One of the old school players. Deadly  soldier. Not much in words. Prefers to kill.



French Colombian. Heavy weapon spammer.When he is online, flames are everywhere. In free time hanging on Eiffle Tower. 



Called Mr.HeadShot. Our German comrade in arms. Cold killer. Amazing cvops. Pray to have him on your side. Just PRO PLAYER.



Came from Netherland. Fast as lightning .Give him some gun and step aside. Fragging is his destiny. Youngest VS member.


VS|Sisq - Inactive

Fantastic map cleaner. Fast and lethal. Similarly to Hypnos, he's rarely online. Too bad!



Future Belgian medic. Spending a lot of time learning, but during free time he practice opening enemys.


VS|W0rm - Inactive

Only one who use linux version of ET. Our Italian member.



Earlier known as Peugeotmaniac. Now as VS member he has changed his name to present form. He's a great and loyal friend! Always ready to help other players. Addicted ET player! Always cheerful, so You'll never be bored when he is online